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Saranda Tours started as a small family business in the city of Saranda, located on the southern coast of Albania along the Ionian Sea. With its origins in the tourism industry, it initially grew slowly with our family fishing boat. Later, in 2020, we expanded our offerings with the introduction of the motor boat Fortuna 1. This allowed us to offer boat trips to amazing places like Kakome Beach, Krorëz, Ksamil, and many other beautiful beaches. We then further developed our tourism services by providing boat tours, car and motorcycle rentals, apartments, hotels, and guided tours to various touristic sites. Some of the notable sites include the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Archaeological Park of Butrint, the Archaeological Park of Phoenicia, the Natural Park of the Blue Eye, and the city of Gjirokaster, among others.
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Laert & Besmira

Grown up in the city of Saranda and having the desire and education in the field of tourism, we believe that the love and passion for boats, the Ionian area and tourism means that we can offer something that really stands out from the rest. Our unique marketing and creative experience coupled with our passion gives us the faith in the development in the field of tourism.

Saranda tours is committed to maintaining its superior professional services while offering products with good value for money. With our dedication we share a common vision: “genuine passion, unforgettable experience.”

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