Natural Park Of the Blue Eye

Discover the natural wonders of southern Albania in one day. Explore the vibrant Gjirokastra Bazaar, visit the enchanting Blue Eye spring, and uncover the history of Porto Palermo Castle. An unforgettable adventure awaits!

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Blue Eye

Why visit the Blue Eye Albania?

It is difficult to explain in words, why the Blue Eye Albania is such a beautiful place. The Blue Eye of Albania has become a popular touristic attraction. Actually, the blue eye is just a natural spring. And if you think about it, there are millions of water springs across the world. So, what makes the Blue Eye Albania different?

The Blue Eye is an underwater spring. There is a cave very deep underneath the water, which pumps fresh water to the surface. The blue eye spring is more than 50 meters deep. And the water is pumped up to the surface with an enormous power. The discharge rate is 18400 litres per second. The water is ice-cold, at around 10 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

The Blue Eye is a freshwater pool, which looks like a human eye. In the center of the pool, you can see the dark underwater cave. The black cave looks like the pupil of a human eye. Surrounding the pupil, there is the bright blue water, which looks like the iris of a human eye. Therefore, the spring was called Syri I Kalter in Albanian language, which means “the blue eye”.

The Lonely Planet described the spring as “magical and hypnotic” and Atlas Obscura says it is “breath-taking and mesmerizing”. When you look at the spring and the water flowing to the surface, it has a very calming effect on you. Moreover, when you see the bright blue color, it is hard to believe it is all natural. It is such a bright color, you won’t believe the color is not artificial.

The Blue Eye spring is a Vauclusian spring. Which means the spring water comes from a deep, almost vertical cave.

It is one of the most powerful springs in the South-East of Europe. The average discharge of the spring is 6000 liters per second. But at high water, the spring has a discharge rate of 18 400 liters per second. The spring is the source of the Bistrice river, which leads to the Ionian Sea.

The water of the spring is so clear, that it looks like a gigantic aquarium. Underneath the water, you can see all the underwater plants, stones, fishes and tree branches. You can walk along the spring and the river, to admire the underwater world.

If you look at the pictures of the Blue Eye Albania online, you won’t believe it is that beautiful. But it is one of those places, where when you visit it is more beautiful than the pictures online. The calming water, the flowing river, the bright blue water and the tropical vegetation, make the Blue Eye my favorite place in Albania.

How deep is the blue eye in Albania?

The Blue Eye in Albania is more than 50 metres deep. We know that the Blue Eye spring is deeper than 50 meters, but it is unclear how much deeper. Although divers have tried to reach the bottom of the Blue Eye spring, nobody has succeeded. So the actual depth remains a mystery.

The water of the Blue Eye spring is pumped to the surface from an underwater cave. The cave is more than 50 metres deep. Many divers have attempted to reach the bottom of the spring. So far, the deepest the divers have reached is 50 meters. But nobody has reached the source of the spring.