FORTUNA 1 (Boat Name)

Daily boat tours

Saranda Tours

Boat tours: What does this tour include?

The tour starts from Limani Square, Limani Street, at 09:00 – 16:00 and includes destinations in the north or south respectively, to these destinations:

In the north:

(We stay for 15 minutes or more depending on the group’s request). The rest of the journey is spent at the final destination, Krorëza Beach.”
Krorëza Beach is a deserted beach in the Albanian Riviera, just above Kakome Bay.

In the south:

Manastiri Beach: It is called this way because on its back, above the cliffs, lies the Monastery of St. George in Dhermi, and it is a beach with crystal-clear waters and quite popular.
Pulëbardha Beach:
Pasqyrat Beach: It is located on the road to Ksamil and is a beach with crystal-clear water.
Ksamil Beaches: Ksamil itself offers a water wonder, only 15 km away from Saranda, and it is one of the popular areas in Saranda. Many beaches have been named according to the places where they are located.